Vi på STS erbjuder upplevelsebaserat lärande i form av ledarledda språkresor och high school-utbyten. Beställ våra broschyrer eller läs mer på och låt dig inspireras till ditt livs bästa beslut!
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STS Broschyr 2023

This is the full broschyre containing 60 pages. Studying abroad not only gives you an international education, but it also allows you to grow as an individual and become a citizen of the world.

Open up your home. ENG

"The best thing about being a host family is that you create lifelong friendships."

STS Discover you High - School

Going on a high school exchange, is an equally exciting and terrifying thought. It is an experience that will make you more independent, increase your confi dence and let you learn a lot, especially about yourself.

STS Språkresa

Going on a language trip will boost your language skills – in the classroom, on a sightseeing tour, while figuring out the underground of London, when buying “un croissant”, while chilling “à la plage“, on an evening cruise, or while having your very first English breakfast.